Media release: New report: the biggest plant and gardening trends for spring 2022 and beyond

Media Release:
The report unveils the next big gardening trends Australians are using in the face
of an ever-changing climate and cost of living pressures
6 September 2022: Greener Spaces Better Places has today revealed the 2022 Plant & Gardening Trend Report – the only report of its kind in Australia. Developed through a survey of 1,600+ Australians and in consultation with nursery industry experts, thought-leaders and academics across the country, the report details four key trends set to grow over the next year along with expert tips on how to bring them to life and the top performing plants to be purchased in each state.
The 2022 report reveals the majority of Australians (60%) are concerned about climate change and our environment. They are using plants to tackle this issue with plant sales up by eight percent for the year before and 2.4 billion plants sold across the country in the last year. The trend report has found, in the face of increasing extreme weather conditions caused by La Niña, heat and – alongside varying liveability challenges – Australians are turning to their gardens to take tangible steps to adapt and still enjoy their natural spaces. The report shows in the coming year Australians will be focused on building back habitats, beating inflation, and reaping the mental health benefits of connecting with nature.
Top four forecasted trends Spring 2022:
  • Wet and wild: Gardening to embrace the wet and promote biodiversity through wildflowers, micro wetlands and water features.
  • Resilient roots: Beating inflation with a low maintenance grow-your-own approach that considers water, soil, resilience, and focuses on growing and eating what’s local to Country.
  • 3D greening: Planting below, beside and overhead to cool our homes and neighbourhoods, whilst increasing property value.
  • Green in and zone out: Drawing on the proven mental health benefits of plants, such as improved mood and concentration, Aussies will look to nature and the sensory experiences offered in our own gardens as a salve for eco-anxiety.
Climate Psychologist Sally Gillespie explained the coming trends outlined in the report are clearly shaped by the climate and liveability forces around us, show a driving adaptability and a thrifty, practical, ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude from Australians to embrace the challenges.
“There is a tremendous sense of purpose and inspiration to heal and repair. For a good majority of people, that means being the practical gardener who pays attention, learns, plants pollinators, and gets their hands in the soil. This report clearly shows Australia’s love of the natural environment is not shifting but instead how we adapt to the bigger pressures around us – through plants and gardening – is changing.” said Gillespie.
To read the full report head to the Greener Spaces Better Places website HERE.
All trends can be tailored to a gardener’s local area by visiting their local nursery and garden centre for a chat.
Media enquiries:
Megan Bentley | 0452 214 611 |
Corah Fortune | 0405 833 757 |
  • High-res images and the report can be found HERE
Expert commentators available for interview:
  • Daniel Fuller, Horticulturist and Plant Podcaster
  • Sally Gillespie, Climate Psychologist
  • Gwilym Griffiths, Urban Forest Expert, Which Plant Where Program Manager
  • Sabrina Hahn, Horticulturist, Writer, Presenter
  • Bonnie-Marie Hibbs, Horticulturist, Gardening Writer
  • Assoc. Professor Joe Hurley, Urban Greening, RMIT
  • Tammy Huynh, Horticulturist and Plant Stylist
  • Greg Kerin, Retail Nursery Horticulturist
  • Kit Kline, Qualified Nature-Based Therapist
  • Brenden Moore, First Nations Community Greening Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
About Greener Spaces Better Places
Greener Spaces Better Places is here to bring the power of plants into every Australian’s life. Plants and trees are amazing. They clean our air, bring in nature, give us places to play or relax and make any space look and feel better to be in. Whether home, workplace, street or suburb, we’re on a mission to help every Australian make their space a better place.
About the 2022 report
This report is funded through the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund, using the Nursery marketing levy and is the only annual consumer trend report from the Australian Nursery & Garden sector. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.
About the research
A nationally-representative online survey was conducted into perceptions and attitudes of indoor and outdoor plants in Australia. This survey was answered by 1,651 Australians aged 18-65 and was conducted by The Navigators. ABS benchmarks for gender, age group and state were applied to survey quotas. This survey was commissioned by Hort Innovation on behalf of the Australian Nursery and Garden industry. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 12 members of the nursery industry in April and May 2022 about the plant purchasing behaviour and upcoming gardening trends of Australians. Over 70 sources were analysed from international, national, mainstream and specialised publications to understand current trends and perceptions of plant-purchasing behaviours.

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