Media Release: New book on Burnley Gardens

The Friends of Burnley Gardens is excited to announce the arrival of Burnley Gardens: their Design and the People who loved them by Michèle Adler.

This immersive, extensively researched, colourful, entertaining book leads you up the garden path, cleverly bringing together history, design and gossip about the Heritage-listed Burnley Gardens, Melbourne.

It is a beautifully illustrated record of Burnley Gardens and the people who have shaped and been shaped by them. In a low-key yet thoroughly researched manner, it brings to life the background of what you see today – these Gardens didn’t just happen!

For those who know the Gardens, this book takes you through familiar territory and, as you walk past favourite plants or visit favourite areas, fond memories are rekindled. Those who don’t know the Gardens are in for a treat as the book reveals a treasure trove of more than 160 years of love and dedication.

This is not and ordinary book. The reader is guided on two walks through the historic core of the Burnley Gardens focussing on their design and the events and people who created them, worked in them, lived in them and loved them. It is designed to be held-in-hand as you explore but is also a riveting read in its own right, even from an armchair.

Burnley Gardens is a hidden ‘emerald’, so close to Melbourne (6km east), yet in its riverside setting, away from city hustle and bustle. It is known and loved by thousands as a place for learning, celebrations, and invigoration and as a refuge for quiet contemplation. It has transformed people’s lives.

About the author: Michèle Adler worked as a Lecturer in Horticulture at Burnley from 1985 to 2015 and was a founding member of the Friends of Burnley Gardens in 1997.

As a Lecturer she was engaging, well-loved by students and a respected member of staff. Her knowledge of plants and experience in writing student learning materials made her the ideal person to write this important, historically enlightening book. Her website is at or contact her on or +61 3 5145 5422 (yes, it’s a land line, no mobile reception).

As a Friend of the Gardens, she was a founding member in 1997, a dedicated contributor, serving on Committee and as President. She also initiated the Friendly Guides who help raise funds by sharing their beloved Gardens with visitors. She designed the Field Station Gates –

And, for sales of the book or more information, contact Michèle (details above) visit

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