Media Release: Eucalypt of the Year 2024 winner announced


Saturday 23 March

Australia’s 2024 Eucalypt of the Year is Corymbia ficifolia: Red-flowering Gum

 It’s been a long time coming, but crowd favourite Corymbia ficifolia: Red-flowering Gum has finally found its way into the history books as it is crowned 2024 Eucalypt of the Year.

“This is a big day for the Red-flowering Gum: Corymbia ficifolia after coming in at third place last year and second place the year before. This year’s win is proof that our gorgeous and adaptable eucalypts ‘last the distance’, along with their unwavering online fan club,” says Linda Baird, Eucalypt Australia CEO.

“Red-flowering Gums have experienced a jaw dropping flowering season thanks to a mild, relatively wet summer. With red or orange blossoms so bright they max out the camera, this is one of Australia’s most widely planted eucalypts.

“Native to the Albany region of WA, Corymbia ficifolia is also one of the most widely cultivated eucalypts so will be familiar to many across Australia.

Corymbia ficifolia are unapologetically showy and gorgeous trees. They have huge woody gumnuts loved by cockatoos and grow between 2 to 12 metres,” says Linda.

In addition to the red and orange flowers of the wild trees, several shades of pink have been developed in grafted cultivars that are well-suited to areas across southern and southeastern Australia.

In second place was the Silver Princess: Eucalyptus caesia and in third place was the Ghost Gum: Corymbia aparrerinja. Last year Angophora costata: Sydney Red Gum took out the award.

Eucalypt of the Year is an annual competition announced on National Eucalypt Day, 23 March, with voting managed externally by media partner Remember The Wild. National Eucalypt Day is Australia’s biggest annual celebration of eucalypts held annually to celebrate and promote Australia’s eucalypts and what they mean to our lives and hearts.

Available for interview:

Linda Baird

Linda is Chief Executive Officer of Eucalypt Australia and can speak about the Eucalypt of the Year competition, and the origins, purpose and work of Eucalypt Australia.

Professor Ros Gleadow

Professor Ros Gleadow is Chair of Eucalypt Australia and can discuss eucalypts, their biology and conservation.

For interviews please contact: Sara McMillan, Remember The Wild: 0437 743 096


Quotes attributable to Linda Baird:

“What is fascinating about eucalypts is that they encompass three distinct groups (genera) of eucalyptus (~850), corymbia (~100) and angophora (~10). The three are related and considered under the umbrella “eucalypts” due to a range of similarities.”

“This is the first time a Corymbia has won in the seven years of the competition.”

“Corymbia are commonly referred to as “Bloodwoods” and Angophora are commonly referred to as “Apples”. Eucalyptus species are often known colloquially by names that allude to their bark-type (e.g. Ironbark, Box, Stringybark). All are known colloquially as ‘gumtrees’ –  a name derived from the sap exuded by many eucalypt species – but most people tend to use that term to refer to eucalypt tree species, rather than mallee or shrub species.”

Eucalypt of the Year 2024

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