Media Release: Australian Innovation Win Silver at Chelsea Flower & Garden Show

Press Release -Australian Innovation Win Silver at Chelsea Flower & Garden Show

News from: Plants Management Australia

Time: 01:30pm AEST

The Chelsea Flower and Garden Show conducts one of the world’s most prestigious and globally recognised industry-leading awards through the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society). The Plant of the Year award gains the favour of enthusiasts and industry leaders from all over the world.

Only the best plant genetics and breeding programs are considered. A shortlist of the world’s twenty best plants are evaluated, with that number fine-lined down to the very best.

An elite panel of industry professionals judge each plant on its merits and breeding programs. After serious deliberation, the list of candidates drops to the top three. This prestigious award celebrates the exciting and diverse range of new plants launched at the show this year. The assessors were looking for innovation, excellence, impact and appeal.

Announced on Tuesday the 24th of May 2022, an Australian breeding house PGA InnovaBred® in partnership with global management companies Plants Management Australia and BALL Colegrave UK has secured second place, winning silver.

Armeria ‘Dreamland’, a part of the ‘Dreameria®’ collection, has been selected for second place in the ‘RHS Plant of the Year Award’ for its garden excellence, beautiful floral displays that bloom upward of seven to eight months and its breeding story. Judges had a challenging time deciding the winning position as it all came down to one point dividing first and second place.

The ‘Dreameria®’ collection comprises brand new innovative genetics with stunning large globed flowers in an array of beautiful colours and clean, tidy foliage. This breeding program has been a long twenty-year dedicated journey with many trials taking place worldwide. With over a million plants sold globally, this is just the start of an amazing journey for PGA Innovabred® and their global management partner Plants Management Australia. ‘Dreameria®‘ series and in particular ‘Dreamland’ is an international favourite, with the collection now being sold worldwide with successful campaigns throughout Canada, Japan, America, South Africa, New Zealand and The United Kingdom.

PGA InnovaBred® has a combined sixty years of expertise in developing innovative genetics, with the ‘Dreameria®’ collection being developed over a twenty-year journey. It took dedicated seed sowing, hand-pollination, cross-breeding, trials and a ruthless selection during that period to result in creating the world’s best new Armeria genetics. ‘Dreameria®’ varieties have the same hardy attributes of their wild cousins but have brought a new range of colours, including lilac, rosy-pink, salmon-pink, rich purples and white. Additionally, these selections have significantly larger ‘globed’ blooms than the wild form, with an average of the flowers measuring 30mm across. Flowers bloom for several months throughout the year, providing long term cheery colour from winter to late spring.

This award is a significant achievement for Horticultural innovation and breeding and plant breeders across the country as it has placed Australia on a global map. Head breeders Steve Eggleton and Howard Bentley from PGA InnovaBred® are incredibly proud of their achievements; “We should all be very proud of what we have created,” Howard Bentley said with excitement on Tuesday when the news came through. “We have been to Chelsea many times and have long harboured the dream of having an InnovaBred plant featured at the most prestigious garden show in the world. We are extremely proud that a small company from Australia has been able to achieve a wonderful result.” – Steve Eggleton and Howard Bentley.

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