Local Hero nomination for garden festival organisers

Mandy and Andrew Osenton from the Kalamunda Plant Company in Western Australia have been nominated as Local Heroes for The City of Kalamunda.

Andrew and Mandy say they are touched to have had their names put forward and have shared the nomination on the Kalamunda Plant Company’s Facebook page.

“Mandy and Andrew are two of the most selfless people I have the pleasure of knowing. Together they have dedicated hundreds of hours voluntarily (and their own funds) putting on the highly successful Kalamunda Garden Festival and the weekly Mundaring Garden and Farmers Market.

“Their commitment and level of care that they dedicate to these community events is inspiring and I am in awe how two people can be so kind as to contribute something to support their surrounding community.

“Mandy drives the Mundaring Garden and Farmers Market. Andrew, with Mandy by his side, manages the Kalamunda Garden Festival. These events saw people from all over Perth swarm to the Kalamunda region, boosting tourism in the area and showing off the beauty of the hills with the event hosted in Stirk Park. Andrew used his valuable connections to promote the event on radio stations and his relationships with respected fellow horticulture experts gave these events credibility.

“With so much of the work landing on Mandy and Andrew’s lap to run these events, it forced the Kalamunda Garden Festival on hold. But after seeing and hearing the overwhelming support and positive feedback from customers and vendors, I know they are looking into how they reignite it.

“These two legends deserve recognition for what they do with their hearts set on supporting their local communities, small businesses and encouraging more visitors to Perth’s beautiful hills region.”

Kalamunda Plant Company, which is in the Hills district in Perth, specialises in medicinal, culinary and bush food plants.

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