2021 Joy Harland Photography Competition Winners

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Title: Free!
Author: Adam Woodhams
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Category: Lockdown Images:
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Description: During lockdown we had a truly beautiful natural occurrence - a mass migration of 'blue tiger' butterflies (Tirumala limniace). This is one of those occasional natural wonders that takes place when the planets align - right wind, moisture, previous and prevailing weather etc. etc. The event lasted for the better part of a week and the air was all-but filled with these beautiful creatures. The timing was absolutely wonderful if not somewhat ironic. While us earthbound humans were being locked down by a virus these breathtaking winged wonders were filling the skies, flitting off to live their lives. Shot with Canon EOS 5d MkIV 100-400mm lens at ISO 1000, 400mm, f5.6, 1/100