A range of 100% natural products good for gardens and the environment

For thousands of years, man has put nutrients back into the soil using animal manures and plant wastes often in unhealthy forms. We’ve come a long way since then! These days, the natural materials we choose to put back into our soils are safe, thanks to modern composting and processing methods that kill off nasty pathogens.

Evergreen Garden Care (formerly Scotts Australia) has always had environmental health and wellbeing at the top of its agenda and now the company is introducing ….

Performance Naturals, the ground breaking new range of 100% natural and performance gardening products.

The range comes with the claim ‘grows twice as big’ – bringing home gardeners a range of products as effective as any alternative on the market, but utilising natural ways to nurture gardens.

Addressing the needs of the eco-friendly gardener, the range a premium potting mix and soil improver, and to round out the offer:
All Purpose Fertiliser
Tomato, Vegetable & Herbs Fertiliser
Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser

Being natural, all these products have clear sustainability benefits for gardeners, especially those growing their own produce. They come with proven efficacy to nurture gardens and produce excellent results.

Organic v Natural
The Performance Naturals range is described as organic-based but the products are not “Certified Organic”.
In Australia, a product can legally be called organic without having undergone certification. Performance Naturals is suitable as an organic solution for the home gardener. However, it would not be able to claim crops as “grown organically”, as that requires the use of “certified organic” products. For the average home gardener, the terminology is of no consequence.

Organic certification for garden inputs means they have been assessed as being suitable to be used in certified organic production systems. Certified organic inputs ‘may’ contain some levels of “nature identical” chemically created materials. “100% Natural” products undergo minimal processing – that is, they are not made or interfered with by man.

The Performance Naturals range is not certified as organic as it contains a mineral which is natural, but is not listed as an allowable input in organic farming/production in Australia.

What’s in Performance Naturals that make the products so special?

* may contain non-natural impurities that may occur in any of the above ingredients; not added during manufacture

This is the proprietary name of an ingredient that’s taken many years of research, sourcing and testing. It is a 100% natural soluble fertiliser delivering fast results from a natural ingredient combined with slower-acting traditional organic fertilisers.

Informative packaging
The entire range comes in attractive packaging that not only explains in detail what each product is and how it works, but is made from 50% recycled materials and is itself recyclable via the Redcycle soft plastic collection bins in supermarkets. That’s exciting!

Performance Naturals products are all organic-based, environment-friendly and safe to use around your pets and children. They are perfect for vegie, herb and fruit growing; they will encourage your flowers and shrubs to flourish.

At Evergreen Garden Care, we’re proud of the innovation the Performance Naturals range introduces and we are delighted to release this brilliant suite of natural products bringing the best of nature to Aussie home gardeners.

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