Introducing Osmocote Pour+Feed, the latest innovation from Evergreen Garden Care (formerly Scotts Australia) that provides the solution to easily feeding indoor plants. Osmocote Pour+Feed addresses the growing trend of indoor plant ownership by a group of people dubbed ‘plant parents.’ And we’re not just talking about older demographics, with people of all ages proudly sharing photos of their Insta-worthy Monsteras, Fiddle-leaf Figs and Devil’s Ivy plants across social media.

Most liquid fertilisers on the market today are designed for outdoor use, requiring mixing and a watering can, which can be messy and inconvenient and result in many indoor plants never getting fed. Feedback from consumers has been that it’s just too difficult, messy and smelly to feed with a liquid fertiliser.

Osmocote Pour+Feed makes it easy to feed indoor plants. It’s now as simple as pouring a capful of ready-to-use fertiliser on to the soil. There’s no odour, no staining, no mixing, no mess and no fuss – perfect for green or black thumbs.

To support the launch, an integrated promotional campaign has been developed for Osmocote Pour+Feed. The campaign is running in Australia and New Zealand and includes TV, digital, social and press. This campaign is a change in the way that gardening companies communicate to consumers, who are less likely to be ‘gardeners’ but rather ’plant owners’.

Stepping away from the usual garden advertising, the TVC shows a hungry Peace Lily taking matters into its own hands (or should we say leaves?) by using its unwitting owner’s mobile phone to get some Osmocote Pour+Feed home delivered. It then gives its ‘Crazy Plant Lady’ owner the shock of her life as she attempts to take a selfie of the two of them.

Narelle Peart, Category Manager from Evergreen Garden Care, said: “Most people understand that they should feed their indoor plants with a liquid fertiliser, but put it in the ‘too hard basket’, leaving their plants hungry and deficient of nutrients. Our new Osmocote Pour+Feed for indoor plants addresses a gap we’ve identified in the market while the advertising campaign clearly communicates this important fact, in a fun and entertaining way.”

Complementing the launch of Pour+Feed, Osmocote Premium Potting Mix for Indoor Plants is now available. It tackles the ‘Number One’ complaint from home gardeners about traditional potting mixes – fungus gnats.

Osmocote Indoor Potting Mix -does not contain composted ingredients or bark, which are known to shelter and encourage fungus gnats with their high humus content. It has been blended to suit a wide range of indoor plants.

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