HMAA Queensland Branch Christmas 2022

Members of the Queensland Branch of HMAA gathered for lunch on Saturday 3rd December to celebrate another year filled with friendship, horticultural events and professional development opportunities.

The venue was Daisy’s Place/That Pizza Guy HQ, 2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview, Queensland. A dense rainforest provided an appropriate backdrop to the long table set out under the covered deck. Several convivial hours were spent enjoying a shared starter platter and a choice of several mains options and two desserts. Guests included Marion and John Beazley from the Queensland Garden Expo.

Annette McFarlane’s annual quiz was once again the cause of much amusement/bewilderment as members deliberated on vexing issues including the following: ‘How long does it take to soft boil a quail egg?’ ‘What is traditionally used to grate Japanese horseradish?’ And ‘What grain is being officially celebrated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2023?’ Lionel Sach took home a prize for the top score.

There were plenty of lucky draw prizes including donations from Seasol, Marion and John Beazley, Chantal de Vere, plus several large bags of products provided by member John Daly of eCo-Environment

A calendar of events was distributed to encourage everyone to lock in the dates for the Queensland Branch events planned for 2023.

Barbara and Rex Wickes generously opened their nearby home and garden to members and guests following lunch. A number of people took up the opportunity to visit their delightful sub-tropical cottage-style garden.

Many thanks to Lionel and Sally Sach, Annette Irish and Jill Coomb for their efforts in organizing this event on behalf of members.

And for those still scratching their heads. It takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds to soft boil a quail egg; Japanese horseradish is traditionally grated on shark skin and the United Nations General Assembly has officially declared 2023 the Year of Millet.

Annette McFarlane

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  1. Miss you guys x. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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