Greening city spaces

The entrance to Nicholas Street Precinct in Ipswich is tree lined with raised gardens and understory plantings and was the site for the Ipswich Garden and Plant Fair in early November

Ipswich, west of Brisbane, has a hot climate in summer and is usually drier than Brisbane but is always on the colder side in winter. Despite its challenging climate, the heart of the city is green and was the perfect setting for The Ipswich Garden and Plant Fair, which was held on November 6. Chantal de Vere helped bring the Fair together and reports on the award-winning and new city precinct.

With almost 7000 people through the small area known as Tulmur Place, organisers of the Ipswich Garden and Plant Fair were pleased with the event. It was a great introduction to an amazing new space.
Tulmur Place is part of Ipswich’s new Nicholas Street Precinct and combines hard and soft landscaping. The laneway that leads into the Precinct is beautifully tree lined with understorey gardens and planters to help soften the hard surfaces (pictured above, top). Tulmur Place is home to the Australia’s only public standalone Children’s Library designed specifically for children 0-12 years as well as the main Ipswich Library.The Ipswich City Council also calls Tulmur Place home in its new high rise above the main library.
The area is well designed with grassy spaces, a permanent stage, art installations and a waterplay area which, while I was there, both children and adults seemed to be enjoying.
Access for the public to the area is either via the lane way or from the parking area underneath. On my first visit I parked and took the elevator up and was stunned by how beautiful the Nicholas Street Precinct is. It is truly a credit to architectural firm Buchan Group, who design the space which has won the Urban Design Institute Australia Queensland State Award for Best Social and Community Infrastructure. For more on this award-winning project which has transformed the centre of Ipswich see this link.

Photos Courtesy Chantal de Vere and Local Ipswich News

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