Fundraising for Marissa Verma

Mark Tucak from Tucker Bush in Western Australia is sharing details of a GoFundMe campaign launched by the family of Marissa Verma in the wake of a debilitating illness. Many of you know her as Marissa from Bindi Bindi Dreaming, through her work in the Tucker Bush Schools Program, and from the Noongar cultural education workshops she’s given over many years.

Since June 2023, she has been facing a severe health crisis triggered by an aggressive bacterial infection. We’re so relieved to see her pull through the induced coma, numerous surgeries, and secondary health emergencies that have shaped her past year. Marissa is now undergoing rehabilitation and recovery. Your generous contributions will play a crucial role in helping Marissa rebuild her life.

Learn more about Marissa’s heart-breaking plight here: Fundraising launched for Noongar businesswoman Marissa Verma (March 5, 2024, National Indigenous Times). So far, $75,000 has been raised. The goal is $250,000. See Bindi Bindi Reborn on the GoFundMe site.

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