Fire ants must be eradicated says federal government report

A Senate inquiry into the red imported fire ant has warned that governments fund programs eradicating the ants, which pose a threat to humans, biodiversity and could cut agricultural output by up to 40 per cent. The report, which was tabled on April 18,  made 10 recommendations including an urgent review of the $1.2 billion National Fire Ant Eradication Program to ensure eradication by 2032. Also recommended are:

  • An alternative independent agency or commission for fire ant eradication program delivery.
  • Greater eradication program transparency and a public awareness campaign.
  • An increased investment in research on emerging fire ant eradication techniques.
  • More resources for public self-treatment of fire ants in the infestation zone and increased compliance to control fire ant movements in freight.

The report titled ‘’ received unanimous support from the cross-party Senate committee. See more at:

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