Fantastic new seeds from Yates

Yates has introduced eleven new exciting vegetables, flowers and herbs into their seed range.

New vegetables and herbs include sunshine yellow Yates Solar Flare Zucchini, delicious Yates Snake Bean, vibrant Yates Confetti Mix Radish, colourful Yates Tricolour Mix Dwarf Bean, petite Yates Red Mini Cabbage, super healthy Yates Red Russian Kale, nutty flavoured Yates Lamb’s Lettuce Corn Salad, fast growing Yates Tatsoi Spoon Mustard and fragrant Yates Thai Basil.

And to attract beneficial insects into the garden, two new beautiful flower mixes, Yates Bee Pasture Pollen & Nectar Mix and Yates Butterfly Field Beneficial Insect Mix.

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