Event: 17th Australian and New Zealand Herb Conference

Herb Society of Victoria presents

17th Australian and New Zealand Herb Conference

Melbourne, October 2022

What’s Included in Ticket Price:
4 Presentations and 1 workshop or Garden Tour each day.
Morning Tea supplied by local CWA, including their famous scones and vegan/GF options
Lunch from ‘Mr Yes Mr No’ foodtruck; fresh and wholesome with vegan/GF options.
Afternoon herbal refreshments
A Free Conference Bag with herb related goodies

PLUS Market Stalls with a range of herbs and plants, herbal books, teas and wares for sale and a Herbie raffle
More Details on https://herbsocietyvic.org.au/

Conference Program
Saturday 8 October 2022
8.00   Open and Registration
9.00   Introduction and Welcome and Housekeeping.
9.30   Dr Greg Moore “Big Trees, Little Trees and Roots”
10.30  Morning Tea
11.00   Penny Woodward – “Herbs for cooking, medicine and pleasure”
12.00  Lunch
1.15     Clive Larkman “Herbs Herbs Herbs”
2.15     Workshop or FOBG tour of Burnley Garden
3.00    Afternoon refreshments
3.30    Tony Hoseman – “Native American Indian Herbs”
4.30    Wrap up

Sunday 9 October 2022
8.30    Open and Registration (for Sunday only participants)
9.00    Welcome/Recap
9.30     Dr Chris Williams – “Aquatic Edibles”
10.30   Morning Tea
11.00    Dr Brian May “Japanese Herb Garden in the home garden”
12.00   Lunch
1.15      Caleb Armstrong “Herbs for pain relief”
2.15      Workshop or FOBG tour of Burnley Garden
3.00      Afternoon refreshments
3.30      Penny Woodward “Pest Repellent Plants & other Organic solutions”
4.30     Thankyou and close

Location: Burnley Campus of University of Melbourne.
Set among beautiful heritage Burnley Gardens 500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond VIC 3121
Public Transport – accessible by train and tram. Best PT access is via number 70 Tram from Flinders St in the city and about a 3 min walk from stop number 18.

Meet the Speakers:
Penny Woodward
Penny has written several books on herbs and edible/useful plants, as well as Horticultural Editor for magazines and presenting on the 3CR garden panel. Her knowledge is enormous, both well researched and practical and she is a wonderfully engaging speaker.  She has started and run a Herb Nursery, has a degree in Botany and Zoology and is Patron of the HSOV.
Dr Greg Moore
Greg was a senior lecturer at Burnley and has a special interest in trees, sustainable horticultural plant science, revegetation and ecology.  He is a member of several horticultural organisations, including Treenet, Greening Australia, and National Trust of Victoria’s Register of Significant Trees. He has presented at major horticultural events worldwide and on ABC radio and 3AW.
Clive Larkman
Clive is a specialist in herb and perennial plants. He has applied is Botany qualification in running Renaissance Herb Nursery, which also runs Herb and Chillie festivals, for many years. A wealth of knowledge is backed up with warmth and charm for a great presenter.
Tony Hoseman
Tony is an expert of growing and uses of Native American Indian Herbs, especially White Sage (used in smudge sticks), Black Cohosh and Goldenseal.  He is also incredibly fun, lively and entertaining.
Chris Williams
Among many roles, Chris is a lecturer at Burnley, and specialises in urban agriculture. His interest is in researching traditional indigenous and historic food crops for application in the modern world.
Dr Brian May
Brian is a clinical research fellow at RMIT in the area of Chinese Medicine, having published dozens of research papers on Asian Herbs.  He has a warm, down to earth approach and passion for his subject.
Calab Armstrong
Caleb Armstrong is a pharmacist with an interest in herbs for healing offering herbal teas grown on their farm to support the health of his customers.  He sees Pharmacists as ideally situated as a bridge between conventional and herbal medicines.

Workshop: Herbal Lozenges
Jill Cheah is a Naturopath and passionate about natural healthcare.  She will be running this workshop on making herbal medical lozenges. This hands on and fun session is designed to teach you to make healing pastilles at home and take some home with you.

FOBG Garden Tours
Burnley Gardens was established in 1861 as a place for horticultural study and continues to this day. It boasts registered historic trees and new areas of garden experiment for today and beyond. The Friends of Burnley Gardens will guide you through the gardens with expert care and knowledge.

Weekend Event Tickets
Purchase tickets via TryBooking online. Scan below QR Code or go to the link: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=912841&


Both days – whole Weekend
Non-member  $220
Herb Society Member*  $180

One day only
Non member $120 per day
Herb Society Member* $100 per day

* Members – Members of Australian and New Zealand Herb Societies or Friends of Burnley Gardens are entitled to this huge discount on this Herb Conference!
If you have difficulties with online booking, please contact one of the Herb Conference or general committee members, or email on theherbsocietyofvictoria@gmail.com and we will help you with the booking.

Social Dinner
What a great chance to spend some relaxed social time with our fellow passionate Herbies from other Herb Societies.  Let’s share the wonderful world of Herbs, have a great meal and a laugh.

When: Friday 7th October from 6.45pm
Venue: Hawthorn to be announced to registered participants

Meals are ala carte, offering dietary options and drinks at pub prices.
Elgin Inn is a nice old pub that has street parking, Hawthorn train station is close by and its accessible by public transport on tram 75.  Note: the event is upstairs and no lift is available.
Please email your details to or email on theherbsocietyofvictoria@gmail.com for more information.

Day Trips
Day Trips – Monday 10th to Friday 14th October
Selected and Optional Day Tours around Melbourne to herb and garden places of interest
Day trips will focus on Melbourne’s many attractions, aiming to accessible by public transport or by private vehicle. We’re still finalising these, but they will be low cost. (For example, a guided tour around Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens and Herb Garden).

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