Denis Crawford’s home survives Victorian fires

The recent bushfires that swept through parts of Victoria decimated Denis Crawford’s garden at Pomonal. Denis is a member of HMAA and an expert on insects.

A shattered Denis posted shots on Facebook of what remains of his fruit and vegetable garden after the fire on February 13.

“This was an insect diverse garden that took me over a decade to create,” said Denis. “I am not fishing for sympathy – I live in a bushfire prone area. Not sure where or how I will rebuild this garden.

“The plant in the foreground of the second image was a wonderful blueberry bush. I’ll definitely grow one of those again!”

Denis takes photos of insects and other creatures, many of which appear on his informative Facebook page, ‘One minute bugs’ (also see with a quick story attached. Visit the Facebook page or website to see some of the amazing shots and information he has posted on the site. Denis’s book Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs is an indispensable resource!

Our thoughts are with Denis and his family as they try to pick up the pieces after the fire.

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