Bambino 20 year milestone

Bambino display at Green Expo 2017
Bambino display at Green Expo 2017

It is not often we get a release that keeps giving pleasure for so long as 20 years is a milestone. On top of all that this year at Green Expo a new Babybino named Kini was awarded the best new green stock product of the show.

2017 is a very special year for all Bambino Growers around Australia. Just 20 years ago in 1997 the first of the Bambino Family was released to the market by Jan and Peter Iredell. After 20 years the popularity of the series is still high. If a customer wants a Bougainvillea more times than not they will ask for a Bambino. The range of colour is superb, the size they grow meets any request and flowering is a show stopper.

We were asked by the Iredells many years ago to represent their Bambino products to the markets of the world and have some successes but the product is so good it is easy to represent, Edward Bunker (Proven Winners).

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