A word from…our inaugural Editor & President

Not surprising in this digital age in which we live, HMA News is to cease production in its conventional printed form, converting instead to a new digital format following the summer edition. As I was the founding editor back in those heady days of 1997, our editor Miffy Gilbert has invited me to write a few words marking 20 years of production.

Indeed it is a pleasure to do so, for I look back with great pride at what has been a wonderful succession of bright, breezy and colourful magazines which have played such an important part in binding the organisation into the cohesive force it is today.

Back in May 1997, in something of a reversal of colonial history, HMA NSW was part of HMA Vic., yet despite that combined force, it was incredibly difficult soliciting editorial and the vital advertising to support the publication and I wrote much of the copy myself. Many names could and should be mentioned, but space is tight, however I wish to thank two people in particular: Michael Cole of PGA who became our first regular national advertiser, and Tim North of HMA NSW, who became our first regular national contributor. I note with great joy that Michael (via Plants Management Australia) is still supporting the magazine to this day.

Neil Williams

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