Could Weeds Ever be Good to Have in a Garden?

The shutdowns of 2020 prevented me from promoting my book, “Working With Weeds”. 2021 is a different story. This media release is about my first book, and a completely different approach to weeds. Instead of assuming all weeds are bad and must be eradicated, this book focuses on why the weeds are there at all. By understanding the weeds a little better we have the opportunity to not just use less chemicals in our efforts to kill them, but we can learn a lot about our gardens. Weeds can tell us about our soil conditions, our local climate and microclimates and also our gardening practices. This knowledge allows us to exploit opportunities in the garden and to make informed adjustments to our soil or our gardening behaviour in order to create a garden that no longer needs weeding. This book contains valuable information for the beginner gardener and the professional alike.

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