The third series of Kew’s podcast Unearthed is out now


In celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity, Kew’s award-winning podcast ‘Unearthed’ returns for a third series.

Subtitled ‘Nature needs us’, the new series explores the intricacies of environmental interconnections, and highlights how understanding the links between the micro and macro are crucial in tackling some of the world’s most urgent problems.

Narrated by Dr. Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl, the third series takes a deeper look into transformative solutions that harness the innate strategies of nature itself.

Unearthed explores the essential connections from microscopic life in our soil to expansive forest canopies that sustain our world. Each episode highlights some of Kew’s pioneering research and showcases real-world conservation projects, such as seed banking, which are critical for preserving our planet’s biodiversity.

The first episode is out now


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We’d love for you to share the podcast widely with colleagues and friends on social media, so please join the conversation using #KewUnearthed. We’d like to thank the large number of Kew staff who generously contributed their expertise, insights and time to make the third season of the podcast a success- we couldn’t have done it without you!


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