2024 Book Laurel

Entries will be a stand alone publication dealing with a gardening or horticultural topic(s) in considerable depth and length published in digital or hardcopy formats.

Single or multiple authors are permitted. Entrants must be HMAA members and where a publication has multiple authors, a majority of authors must be HMAA members.

Entrants are encouraged to submit access to a full digital copy of the title via website link providing relevant instructions and passwords where required. Where full submission is not possible an entry must include as a minimum: book cover, table of contents (if applicable), 10-20 pages (must include at least 2x 5 pages which are sequential) and index (if applicable).

Entries can be submitted as PDF files or digital book files provided they can be opened without special software or devices.

  • Files must be clearly labeled with the Category and entrant’s name.
  • Maximum two entries per member.
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