2021 BBM Global Industry Scholarships OPEN

Ready to plan beyond COVID-19?

Applications are now open for young horticulturists and landscapers to travel the world, learn from the best and grow as a young horticulturist in 2021.

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is an $8,000 grant for 17-23 year olds, to take on the opportunity of a lifetime, learning from global leaders in their industry before taking their new skills and ideas back to Australia. Most BBM Scholars travel for two to three months, visiting iconic gardens in the UK, Singapore, France and beyond.

Scholarships focus on innovation and sustainability and are a unique chance to see the world and experience the most exciting, cutting-edge developments in the horticulture industry.

This program is an opportunity to shine, not just for those with great training scores, but for those with brilliant ideas; for those with a passion for their industry and a vision for its future.

Key Dates:
Applications Open: 6 April 2020
Applications Close: 8 May 2020
Apply at www.bbm.asn.au

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