2009 Award Winners

Anita Boucher Young Achiever Award – Millie Ross (HMA Victoria)

Paper Laurel (Publications) – ‘Your Garden’ magazine Spring 2009 issue

Image Laurel – Chris Jones (HMA NSW) for Eucalyptus caesia ‘Silver Princess’ – Your Garden cover pic Spring 2009

Information Technology – Yates Australia website

Paper Laurel (Journalism) – Penny Woodward (HMA Victoria) for her article ‘Salvias’ in Organic Gardener magazine

Books (Technical) – Penny Woodward (HMA Victoria) for ‘Herbs for Australian Gardens’

Books (Environmental) – Jenna Reed Burns (HMA Victoria) for ‘Gardens for a Changing Climate’

Books (General) – joint winners Sophie Thomson (HMA SA) for ‘From the Ground Up’ (SA edition) and Meredith Kirton (NSW) for ‘Harvest’

Radio – Adam Woodhams (HMA NSW) for ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ FM radio program

Television (Environmental) – Josh Byrne (HMA Vic – WA member) for featurette on school garden (Gardening Australia)

Television (Technical) – Gardening Australia TV episode covering range of technical issues

Television (General) – Gardening Australia TV (Jane Edmanson segment with the succulent garden)

Hall of Fame (Gold Laurel) – Three inductees: Colin Campbell (HMAQ), Judy Horton (HMA NSW) and George Jones (HMA Vic Life Member)