2008 Winners

The Joy Harland Memorial Photographic Competition was held in 2008 as well as in 2007 to get back in sync with holding the competition in a non-Laurels year.

The 2008 winner was Jim Fogarty (Vic)

Judges comments

“A bold, happy image with good central interest and full of appeal.

Strong, well balanced composition, pleasing use of focus and blurred background. A straightforward shot superbly executed. Definite cover material.”

Adam Woodhams (NSW) – Highly commended

Judges comments

“Rich, colourful composition packed with impact and interest. Short depth of field works well, drawing the eye into the kangaroo paw’s central area while allowing the outer parts to drift out of focus yet maintaining their prehistoric looking beauty.”

Libby Cameron (NSW) – Highly commended

Judges comments

“Stunning depiction of the complexity and intriguing beauty of nature at its colourful best. Simply framed with good central focus and background blurring, given added interest through the emerging flower bottom right.”